County Court Judge 5th District

David A. Morris

My vast experience along with my ability to see both sides of a case make me well suited to serve the people of Islip.


As a lifelong resident of the Town of Huntington, I could not be more excited by the opportunity to run for Town Supervisor.  My families’ roots in the Town are deep and strong.  Huntington is the Town where my paternal grandparents made their home after emigrating from Italy.  Huntington is the Town where my maternal grandparents owned and operated a successful butcher store for many years.

​My grandparents viewed Huntington as a Town of vast opportunity and unlimited potential; a place marked by natural beauty and rich diversity of opinions and culture.  My grandparents were as proud of the fact that they lived in Huntington as they were of their Italian heritage.

​I share my grandparents’ pride in Huntington, and, for that reason, I have dedicated my adult life to public service.  From 2004 through 2012, I represented the South Huntington community as a trustee for the South Huntington School District.  From 2012 through present, I have represented most of the Township of Huntington in the New York State Assembly.  Now I look forward to the opportunity to represent this great Town in its entirety as your Supervisor.

​While Huntington remains a jewel of Long Island, it is time for a much-needed change.  Our quality of life is threatened by violent gangs that place residents in fear for their safety and bring unflattering national media attention to our Town.  Zoning decisions by the Town Board appear designed to benefit the big donors, with little regard for an already acute shortage of parking.  And Town Hall suffers from a complete lack of transparency and questionable ethics.

I want to restore your confidence in Town Government and ensure that our tax dollars are wisely spent.  I want Huntington Station to be as vibrant and safe as when my grandparents established their residence here several decades ago.  I want parents to be able to raise their children without fear of gang violence or gang recruitment.  I want to make sure that Huntington is “open for business,” through pro-business, pro-economy, pro-jobs policies. I  want to protect our Town’s environment and ensure that our bodies of water are clean and pristine.

​I need your help in order to make Huntington stronger.  I look forward to your assistance as we seek a new direction for our beloved Town.