Islip Town Councilman

Jim O' Connor

A Taxpayer Who's Had Enough, Just Like You.

Why I’m Running

As the Republican and Conservative candidate for Suffolk County Executive, I am running to reverse the reckless spending and borrowing policies that are hurting our home value and quality of life. I am running to reverse the policies engineered by the incumbent, Democrat Steve Bellone.

While most of the media’s attention has been focused on Nassau County’s fiscal calamities, Bellone has taken Suffolk to the point where our finances are actually worse. But don’t take my word for it. This is the conclusion drawn by the New York State comptroller, who notes that Suffolk is one of the most fiscally stressed counties in the state, with a huge structural deficit that Bellone has exacerbated.

There is a reason my campaign has dubbed the county executive “Bellone the Borrower”: he has refused to address the county’s spending problems and instead has taken the politically easier path of floating bonds and backloading or deferring fiscal obligations.

As County Executive, I will address Suffolk County’s problems head-on with Common-Sense, fiscally responsible solutions.

“As a fellow Suffolk County resident and taxpayer, I understand your frustrations. I’ll stop the runaway spending and high taxes that hurt property values. We cannot afford Steve Bellone’s reckless ways. As Suffolk County Executive, I will fight to help businesses grow and provide tax relief for every family.”